Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall in love with Talbots

The new Talbots catalog showed up at my parents house this weekend and I grabbed it to flip through it.  Normally I wouldn't have given it a second thought but I won a fabulous gift card from GRITS and I am trying to decide what to use it on.

Now let me tell ya ladies...their fall collection is fantabulous.  I was shocked at how up to date the styles are.  When I used to think about Talbots, I thought about the older lady crowd walking around in the ritzy part of town with oversized cardigans and pleated khakis that taper at the ankle.  Boy have their clothes changed!  They have some super cute fall outfits out now and I will have to admit that I went and tried on some jeans and I am in love.  They fit like a dream, literally.  Since I had Caleb I have not been able to find jeans that fit and I have tried them on EVERYWHERE!  My favorite fit from Talbots is the boot cut heritage:

Anyways, enough about Talbots.  They aren't paying me to do I am just really impressed with the new catalog and excited to use my gift card :)  Andddd excited for fall!!!!!  This is my first fall in the deep south though and I have heard it is very short.  Virginia and Kentucky have long falls, so this might be a disappointing one spending it in southern Georgia but at least my winter doesn't last until May :) 

Plus, I already bought some cute boots, and they WILL be worn, even if it is still 75 degrees in November!

Please tell me I'm not the only one obsessed with grey and ruffles right now?!

I LOVE this combo:

Notice how they wrapped the scarf around and then put a thin belt over that...I really think that is great on this dress.

In love with this jacket...I guess I am in love with everything!

Happy Monday :)


Meredith Travels said...

I just went to Talbots this weekend! They're having a great deal right now where for simply try on a pair of jeans you get $5 off your purchase, if you buy a pair you get $10 off your purchase. AND the first time you shop there you get 10% off! The saving keep adding up!

Angela said...

I agree, whenever I had thought of Talbots before, I would have thought of older women's clothes. But those outfits you featured as super cute- especially the floral turquoise jacket!

btw- If you could email me your mailing address, you won a prize from my blog giveaway back in July. I know you've been busy with your hubby back for a much needed visit, so whenever you get around to it, if you want, drop me a quick msg at: :o)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I just adore that 3rd from the bottom combo!! The colors are so rich!

JG said...

When I worked at the law office, the arrival of the monthly Talbots catalog was quite the event! :) I've never bought anything from there but I enjoyed looking at it with them

sophie said...

Great post. [and such a sweet bio!] You are so right about the new denim, the designers worked their "bootys" off getting the perfect fits; cool and comfortable and flattering, without exposing your "underlings".
Hey, did you see this fun video from the denim shoot?