Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are you bold or neutral?

 I think it is so fun to see the inside of other peoples houses, especially ones that I have known for a while.  I usually assume that people decorate the inside of their homes kind of like the way they dress.  Take for instance my friend Melanie.  She loves anthropologie clothes and a good majority of her wardrobe is from there.  I went into her house and it looked like the anthropologie show room.  A mix of new and vintage items with a robins egg blue, creamy yellow, red, gold, white and chocolate brown color palette.  Then there is my sister Donna.  Her entire wardrobe is made up of blacks, whites and greys.  Every now and then she throws in a pink or blue...but 90% of her clothing is super neutral.  When she decorated her house, it was no surprise to me when I walked in to find white slipcovered sofas, burlap curtains and light sage green toile everywhere...very very neutral.  Her house is very cute and it fits her personality perfectly.  
   Does your wardrobe match your interior design style?  I would have to say that mine does.  My favorite color is blue in any shade, but especially turquoise.  If I had my way, every room in my house would be a different shade of blue...I love it!  I have managed to use turquoise in my living room, blue in my bathroom, baby blue in Calebs room and I have a yellow and blue kitchen :)
   Here are a few outfits with rooms to match.  See if you can tell which palette you are:



Celebrity Neutrals


Bold Neutral Mix:


JG said...

I'm definitely a neutral, but I'm trying to be more bold! :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oo---good inspiration pics!! I'd have to be a mix of both. I tend to dress in neutrals with bold pops of color in jewelry or accessories...or vice versa. :)