Sunday, May 16, 2010


12 Month Photo Shoot! 025

Tomorrow I am going to get a crown put on my tooth.  The final step to this long, enduring, and I will definitely add expensive, crown toothed process.  I told Seth that I will surely have the prettiest tooth in town but it is too bad that it is in the back where no one can admire it.

I love my little Caleb, I really truly do. I love taking him places and lugging him around on my hip from aisle to aisle.  I love that people just seem to find him adorable, I always have known he was the cutest baby around town, but it is fun when other people agree with you.  With that being said, for the first time since before Seth deployed, I will be venturing to town sans Caleb.  After I get my crown put on, I plan on scootin’ down the road for a little me time. It will only be for about an hour but in that hour I am planning on doing something completely non productive and enjoyable.  I might go read a magazine or sit in a coffee shop…these are the things that I can’t “enjoy” when I have Caleb with me, which I gladly give up but since I have the chance, I am taking advantage of an hour of time, devoted to peace and quiet…a book and a cup of coffee…and I will be able to use both hands, sit in the same seat without moving or grabbing anything and devote my entire brain to thinking about whatever I would like.  Then I will drive back home, pay the sitter and spend the rest of my evening playing in the floor, talking jibber jabber and giving my little cutie pants big ol’ smooches…because I know that no matter how much I enjoy that hour by myself, I will be happy to see my baby again.  Happy early Monday everyone :)

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Sarah said...

Awwww! What a sweet post! Can't wait til I have a little cutie pie running around the house. =)

The Wagstaffs said...

Enjoy your "me time"! You need it every now and then!! We miss ya'll, so we need to get together again sometime soon! =)