Monday, November 9, 2009

It's been too long

The craziness around our house has somewhat subsided- at least for the next 3 weeks.  As you know, Seth's Pop passed away October 28 so we left on the 30th for Louisiana and came back on Monday, Nov. 2.  Just in time to pack up and go to Georgia from November 4-8 to close on our house.  We just got back home last night and we are so tired!  But let me just tell ya- we had a blast!  We are so sad about leaving our friends here (most of which will be moving soon as well) but we are beyond ecstatic to have purchased our very first house (our celebration dinner was delicious :)).  I can't wait to show you pictures, my camera is in the car though and I am still in my pajamas, so I won't be uploading them until later...sorry for my laziness.  We are also very excited about the wonderful shopping around Fort Benning and the fact that Atlanta and Birmingham are within a mornings driving distance.  Also, remember this post?  Welllll, my wonderful husband decided that he was going to purchase these beautiful RED front loaders. We were originally just going to go with the bottom of the line white ones but we couldn't resist LG's deal right now that if you buy the red front loaders, the pedestals come with them.  We got a great deal on the washer and dryer and I don't have to bend over barely at all to wash and dry clothes.  I am actually excited to do laundry...and that's a definite first! 
Alright- and contrary to what I typed earlier, my hubb's went to get my camera, so I will post some pics :)
This post is getting kind of long and sloppy so I think I will stop, but I just have so much to post since I have been a travelling woman. 

The only good picture from Pop's funeral because my batteries died :(  This is Seths dad with us.

Actually, I really like this one too.  Pop's picture is on the screen, then Seth's dad is watching it (this was Seth's dad's dad that passed away).  Then there is Seth's mom holding Caleb, who also happens to be looking at Pop.

Here is our new house!  Craftsman style and it is brand new :)

Apparently it was stripe day.  It was also closing day and we took this picture right after we closed :)  Yay!

On another note- what do you guys think about these giveaways? I personally enjoy hosting them, so I hope you guys enjoy the chance to win something you might not be able to buy for yourself. Speaking of giveaway, tomorrow I have another new one to post. It is really cute, so make sure to check back in.

Thanks for enduring this long post.  Happy Monday everyone :)


Sarah said...
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The Wades said...

Kathlyn! What a gorgeous home!! Congrats on closing on your first home...exciting! Miss you!

JG said...

Beautiful house! How exciting to be a homeowner. :)

Amanda Nicole said...

Your house is absolutely beautiful! I hope you will post some pics after you decorate! I am so happy for you guys, purchasing your first house is such an exciting time!!!


Kat! I love the house it is sooo cute I cant wait to see how you decorate and come visit you! Ps the stripes were so cute! Love you!

Adriane said...

I really like your new house. I LOVE Fort Benning and hope that we get to go back sometime. CrossRoads Chapel on post is fantastic.

MG said...

I love the new house! It looks adorable!