Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Newness Moooooness

New everythings!

New pictures of mommy and Caleb :)

New hair color. Even though it looks normal, you didn't see what it looked like before I went to the salon to get it fixed. Never try to lighten your hair yourself, lesson learned for the second time.

This chunky man weighs 15.8 pounds! He is 26 inches long and cares nothing about eating real food. He is still nursing exclusively but the doctor said that he is obviously getting enough calories, haha. He is a little chunky bear!

Here is where the mooooness part comes into play. This is Calebs new little moo moo outfit that finally fits him! From his Honey and Pops. He also has a pirate one to try out too!

New sprouts in my new herb kit pot. They popped up fast! This is either sage, thyme, or basil. I think it is thyme, but I forgot to label them.

New teacups in the shop. Paula gets Preppy.

The Brightly Painted Peacock Teacup. I got a color thang goin on here (can you hear my southern twang?) ;)
New just for fun posters :)

And my newest addition happened to be to my mouth. . . a new filling! Yuck! Except that this was the most painless dentist I have EVER been to. He had some sort of magic numbing medicine because it worked like a charm. That, and I prayed really hard!

So what's new your way?


Mommy and Constance said...

i LOVE the 4th picture, you can SEEEEE HOW in LOVE you are with him!!! I hope your husband doesn't get jealous, hehehe.

Lisa and Josh said...

What a cute, little chunky monkey! And you look great, mama! Love the hair color! I can't believe Caleb weighs 15+ lbs! He's almost catching Ty! Ty weighed 16 lbs. 12 oz. at his last appt! We've GOT to get them together soon!

EngineerHousehold6 said...

He looks so cute in his moo moo outfit. :-)