Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Bee FABULOUS Friday!

I want this set, I LOVE this set. It is the Better Homes and Gardens collection. I imagine myself sitting outside in the morning with my coffee, enjoying the cool summer morning air. . .or at night eating my delicious grilled steak and drinking my sweet tea as the sun goes down. I am in la la land. Do you guys have patio furniture? Do you use it a lot? If I do get furniture, should I get a dining set or an outdoor living room set? HELP!!!
On another note, today I will be cleaning up, updating the shop, meeting a friend for coffee and getting my hair fixed at the salon! I have only had my hair colored at a salon one time and that was right before I got married. My nanny was a beautician and she always did my hair. Yesterday I tried to self-help my hair and now I look like a cheetah. Thanks to my wonderful husband, he is giving me an early anniversary present and paying for me to get my hair dyed professionally. I am so excited!
So happy Friday to all. . . have a GREAT weekend.


EngineerHousehold6 said...

I love that furniture too! I've been looking for something like that (I think I'm too picky though). LOL

Oh yeah, I guess I should say I've dyed my hair too since we last had lunch.

Sara said...

I would get an outdoor living room set if I had to choose. And I love that set too. I am not dying to own a house, but I am dying to get an outdoor area worthy of patio furniture.