Friday, July 10, 2009

Caleb's Vintage Print Quilt

My friend and fellow army wife made Caleb this beautiful baby quilt!
She is super talented. Thank you Amanda. Caleb LOVES it, and so do I :)

His new hang out spot.

Trying to eat it.

It is double sided with different Peter Rabbit vintage prints.

This is my yard sale find. I have been looking for a
coffee carafe for when we have friends over. This one
costs me $2.00! It has barely been used, or maybe
it hasn't even been used at all. It is a little 90's styled
but I don't care. It works and it was a steal!

Here is a vintage thermos that I grabbed for $.50!
These sell for big bucks on etsy. I am going to keep it
though. I am hoping I get to put hot chocolate in it this fall.

Here is one my mom may try and steal from me.
It is a vintage bow hat with black netting. This was
$1.00. I had to grab it before someone else did.
Now I just have to find a dress
to pair it with :) My Mrs. Cleaver side is coming out.
I also hope to hit a baby consignment sale in the morning
with my other good friend. I hope you all have a Happy
Yardsale-ing weekend!


Kristen & Cliff said...

I am glad you found some cool deals!!! LOVE the quilt!!!

Anonymous said...

lOVE, lOVE, lOVE the quilt. I love vintage Peter Rabbit the best anyway. And, YES the black net hat IS MINE!

Easy looks so cute on his new quilt, I think he really likes it!

EngineerHousehold6 said...

He does look cute on the quilt. I am happy that you both like it! :-D