Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cozy Saturday

Pink Cloud Cozy

Anchor Cozy

Amy Butler Fabric Cozy

I worked on these yesterday while Caleb napped. He may not be a good night sleeper but he is a great napper (which probably explains the night sleeping!) They are coffee cup cozies. I managed to finish quite a few. The worst part is cutting the fabric out. Once I do that, everything is a breeze. I can't wait to use one of these on my coffee. I am going to use it on my iced drinks too though because I always have to grab a napkin to wrap around my cup. This is just way cooler than a napkin though. My favorite is the nautical anchor one. I think my brother would want that one. I put them in the shop as well. Next on the list: Getting my teacups labeled and ready to take to the home and garden boutique in town. . . I am putting my teacups in a shop! I am excited and nervous but ready to take the next step. I hope you guys have a great weekend. I have some very funny pictures of Caleb to post next week, thanks to a great yard sale find and my friend Kristens persuasion ;)

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Donna Lu said...

Those are really cute. I like the anchor one especially. That would look great on a cup of coffee sitting in my living room!