Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This will be exciting if you enjoy. . .

Recently, Martha Stewart has been doing a lot of kinda weird foods on her show so my interest in watching has, well, diminished. However, today they had craft hour! Rosie O'Donell was on there (I really can't stand her, but whatever) and then Martha's daughter and friend who have the hilarious show "Whatever Martha" (where they make fun of Martha Stewart's old Martha episodes) were also on the show. Much to my surprise and delight, Martha has a brand new book that just came out today called "Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts". For Christmas one year, my mom got me the big Martha Stewart manual on everything from how to clean your house to how long to cook a chicken and it is an amazing book. I can only imagine how great the craft book is!!! I can not wait to browse through it and I am already selling on ebay to save up to buy it :)

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Newmans Wildcats said...

Whatcha selling on Ebay?