Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh Sunday

~I love Sunday nights. . . why do they only come once a week?
~We had a tornado warning last night. The whether warning siren for our county is on the backside of our neighborhood, and it was so loud! I held Caleb's ears. But no tornado after all.
~Debating whether to take Caleb to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Whadda ya think?
~We had lunch with our Sunday school today which was so very fun.
~I think I found a pretty blue Easter dress. It is not a good one for feeding Caleb (which has become the basis of my shopping these days!) but it is so pretty and simple that I just had to get it.
~It was only 40 degrees today. I am sooo ready to be done with winter clothes until the fall! Please can I just wear flip flops everyday from now on???
~I want to wear those long maxi dresses all summer long. It feels like I am wearing a nightgown all day, except it doesn't look like it!
~I go for my 6 week check up to the doctor on Wed. which I am absolutely dreading! The only good thing is that I absolutely love my doctor.
~I bought material to make an apron this week. This is something I have been wanting to do since last March! Cross my fingers :/
~My little Cammy is turning 4 on Wednesday. Oh where has the time gone?
~I am itching to go to a flea market or a neat antique shop. . .I just gotta find one.
~I love my little Caleb more and more every day :)


Hannah said...

there are tons of antique shops here! You should come visit and we should totally go!

April said...

I love your blogs :) Glad there was no tornado!!! I wouldn't want to live anywhere where there are real possibiities of them. I know Lynchburg (area) has had some minor ones but that's just not for me!!! I hope your apron comes out...make sure to take pictures!