Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sorry for being gone so long. I wanted to blog really quick to say that I am visiting my family this week (hence the M.I.A part).
I also wanted to say that my little Caleb is 3 weeks old today! Crazy! I just want to keep him this little forever. When we went for his 5 day old check up he weighed 7lb 10oz. The next week when we went back he weighed 8lb 12oz! What a little chunky monkey :) We don't take him back until 2 months and that is when he gets his shots (oh I am dreading that visit). But all is well and more blogging will be done next week but for now I am enjoying time with my family :)



Chelsea {& Dan} said...

oh honey don't apologize for not blogging, you've got a newborn to handle!! heheh...I hope he's letting you get sleep!!

Shots are NOOOO fun!! I've had to hold Constance down for ALL of them :O(

hope you're having a blast with your family!!

April said...

Oh the shots are the worst part of being a parent, especially as they get older and more aware!!!!

I read that giving them a little big of sugar water like 30 minutes before a shot actually helps ease the that works, I have NO IDEA..I read that recently, so I haven't tried it with Melinda yet but its just random fyi in case you want to try!

Im glad you are able to visit family! And you should never apologize for being "MIA" putting your family first is the most important thing!

Newmans Wildcats said...

Thanks for the B-day Wish Girlfriend! Nothing is gonna prepare you for the shots. Three kids later and I still hold my breath hoping to suck the pain from them. And the poor babies - they have no clue they are coming. Its pretty dramatic! But its best for the Baby!