Thursday, November 6, 2008

One big post!!!

Okay, so I have been preoccupied the last few days with unpacking. I have taken lots of pictures of all sorts of things to do with the move. After being in a 400 square foot apartment, living out of rubbermaid containers and being new to a town since July, I couldn't be more excited about being in a new house!!! I wake up every morning and sit at my table with my coffee and I just look around and say, "Thank you Jesus for giving us this place to live!" I am just so overwhelmingly grateful. I keep on telling Seth, Thank you! Thank you! Are these emotions partly due to being pregnant? I might never know, but I do know that I could stay at home all day and be perfectly content. Okay, anyways, the packing is only 1/4 done. The bedrooms upstairs are packed with boxes and odds and ends. We took a load to the thrift store today, I have ebayed some things and several trips to Goodwill have taken place. We haven't organized anything since we got married and Seth says that I am a hoarder, so I am trying my very hardest to get rid of as much "junk" as I can, although I can find a reason to keep everything but it does feel good to have some space. Here are some pictures from our moving adventure!

The movers finally arrived, only 3 days and 1 1/2 hours late!

It was a strangely warm November day. Here I am pretending to be in charge of the check list.

Seth was really the boss behind the checklist. It was actually relaxing just to sit there and have our stuff brought into the house while we checked the list. That was until we went inside and saw all the boxes that took over our once empty home in a matter of 2 hours!

Here is Seth in front of his new pride and joy that he has been wanting to get 17 months now and since our other TV is about to go out (the screen is getting darker and darker)this is what we have! After looking at TV's every time we go to Best Buy, Wal Mart or Target, he finally bought one, and guess what? We are still looking at the TV's just to see if we got a good deal, oh my.

If you noticed the ridiculous height of the plugs in the above picture, you will realize that the people who built the place weren't very smart. Seth and I brainstormed on how we could hide this, and here is our solution, which was not as easy to do as it may look!

So this part was the most tiring. I had to go through my old high school boxes and determine what was worth keeping (because I kept every note, flower, program, etc).

While going through the boxes, I came across the CD I bought Seth for Christmas. He loves Paul McCartney, but this picture is exceptionally feminine of him. It is on the back of the CD cover. I thought it was a joke but every time we look at it, we laugh.

Here is Seth's interpretation. What a dork!

I had to post this picture because Seth decided to get artistic with it! I could hardly believe my eyes!

Here is my 25 1/2 week pregnant picture. This is my favorite maternity shirt so I am trying to wear it as much as I can because I am quickly growing out of it. I have tried to find a bigger size but I have had no luck!

Apple pie a la mode! I have enjoyed having my dishes and cook wear back. I made this apple pie with homemade cinnamon ice cream. Seth loved it! And I made it with splenda and skim milk, so he really liked it when I told him that. Num Yummy!


Hannah said...

I was so excited to see all the pictures...tell seth that 1)I am jealous of the TV, we want one so bad! and 2) I am so excited for him cuz I know hes wanted one for a long time! I love the pictures and it looks like such a nice place to live! I hope mine turns out as nice. and I like the improvising to hide the plugs it looked great!! You are still very beautiful prego and I can not wait to see y'alls home in person! Yay for lots of visits once I move!!! :-)

THE WADE'S said...

I am glad you guys are finally getting settled! Great idea for behind the TV, looks good!

Lisa and Josh said...

Wow!! The new place looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it in person! You did a great job hiding the plugs, but you are so creative, I wouldn't expect any less! You are the most adorable pregnant woman...I am jealous! :-)

Miles Makes 3! said...

MMmmmm you can see the steam coming off the dessert! I'll take a bowl please! :)

Hannah said...

The chicken was soo good!! Try the recipe if you like italian dressing at all.

Newmans Wildcats said...

Way to document everything! That was fun!

Kelly said...

Glad you're getting settled in!!
Oh, and great pictures of you!! I forgot (I do that a lot...) about getting a new pic of me up, but I'll get Michael to take one tonight - he's on his way home from OBC today! YAY!

Katie Nix said...

Kathlyn yalls place is so cute! Hope yall are enjoying it.

Dan/Chelsea said...

man your house looks SOO much better put together then ours and we've been in ours since the end of October, haha. I have a TON of work to do once I get out there.