Friday, November 7, 2008

New Poll!

Okay, I have a new poll on the right :) And in case you didn't already see, you guys liked the red and the chrome mixers, with Pistachio coming in at a close second. The red and chrome doesn't surprise me, but he pistachio sure does! Thanks for the input, I will let you know if and what I get, haha. How many of you guys have been a Mary Kay, or equivalent, type of "independent consultant"? I got sucked in right before I started college, only to quickly realize how poor college students are and really don't like to spend more than Wal-Mart prices on make-up, oops! Anyways, I fell in love with Mary Kay (which was as cheap as Wal-Mart makeup for me), surprisingly, but since I wasn't selling very much, it was too expensive to keep it just for myself, seeing as every 3 months you HAVE to order at least $300 wholesale from them (which was in the fine print and no one cared to tell me until it was too late). I was watching a segment on Avon this morning and I had a flashback of my college Mary Kay days so I thought I would share.

On another note, Seth gets off of work in about 2 hours!!! We are taking our car to Louisville to get it's 20,000 mile check up (since the closest VW dealership is that far away!!!) but the plus to that is I am getting to register at Babies R' Us just in the nick of time. My nanny called me yesterday to tell me my family was giving me a shower when we go to visit for Thanksgiving, which is very nice considering how busy Thanksgiving week is. I am sooo excited though. I went to Target yesterday and finished my registry there, but I also LOVE Babies R' Us and even though my hometown only has Toys R' Us, I can use gift cards at both places! Poor Seth has to endure more baby stuff again. He just wants the baby :)


THE WADE'S said...

Don't forget, people can also order gifts online from your registries at Target or Babies R Us and have them shipped straight to you!!! Very convenient. Have fun registering!!

Lisa and Josh said...

Yay!!! Have fun at Babies R Us! Josh will be sympathizing with Seth while I'm thrilled for you!

Newmans Wildcats said...

20,000 mile chech, eh? Must be nice, wait til the car reads 139,000, is a chevy and hoards three kids and their junk around. You'll be giving it a "check-up" every month. HA HA