Thursday, November 20, 2008

And we will leave on that note. . .

We leave tomorrow to go home for the baby shower and Thanksgiving! I am so excited :) This is what it looks like outside of my window right now. It isn't supposed to be snowing tomorrow, which is good because we are traveling, but I sure am enjoying this first snow right now :)

I also have an interview at a preschool for a part-time job tomorrow before we leave. The substituting has not worked out like I had hoped. Seth and I have actually already met the lady that I am meeting with tomorrow. This is the preschool attached to the church we attend and we toured the nursery on our first visit. We had a great time that day with her and were very impressed with the facility. We were also able to tell her about ourselves, our home church, etc. So I am hoping that gives me a little bit of an advantage (haha, although it may have hurt me, maybe I shouldn't have reminded her!!! :)). This would just be a perfect job because when the little guy gets here, I can take him to work with me! Seth doesn't even know that I got an interview yet, so he will be excited when he finds out (we have been praying about it pretty hard since Sunday).

Thirdly, I will more than likely be missing in action for the next week (I am sure a lot of you will be as well!) We won't have very much access to our computer, plus we are going to be visiting with our families and friends, so expect me back in full force after the 28th or 29th. Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (in case I can't post before then) and I will talk to you as soon as I can!!!

Lastly, there are two new polls, both of which I would be VERY interested in knowing the results!
The last poll showed that Mary Kay is the most popular. I guess I at least made a good choice as to which consultant I was, too bad I didn't get much further than that :/ oops!

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Kristen & Cliff said...

Gonna miss ya!! Don't forget about the blog giveaway! I cannot wait to see all the photos!