Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How could I forget?

Miss Universe 2008 (Miss Venezuela)

The only picture I can find from my pageant!

The grand finale of our weekend (which I was reminded by one of my friends blogs!)was watching the Miss Universe Pageant Sunday night. I am sure you can imagine how ecstatic Seth was to watch this with me (this is a joke, but he was kind enough to sit through most of it so I wouldn't have to watch it alone!). Anyways, Miss USA fell again this year, which was pretty funny. I just don't know how in the one moment when you should not trip out of all other moments in your life, you do! A couple of years ago, before I was married, I was in a couple of pageants. I had always wanted to try it and I decided it was now or never. They were great experiences, and a lot harder than prancing around in a swimsuit. I didn't fall in my evening gown though. The interview part is extremely intimidating. I blubbered my way through, even though I had spent many an hour practicing how I would answer my questions. I did the Miss America program and with that one you have to have a talent and be a volunteer. I think some of the girls made up there volunteer stuff, but that is me being judgemental and I shouldnt. My mom was Miss Appomattox and was in the Miss Virginia pageant! Although I didnt make it that far, I am glad I was able to check pageants off of my list. Now if only I could look like Miss Venezuela!!!

BTW- I am realizing how bad of an idea it is to put your own picture below Miss Universe.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! I laughed so hard at your comment. You just make me laugh...I think I wrote that on the last comment. Anyway you would have made a great Miss America!!! Luggage in your belly is a great thing. You should still go for American Idol. Maybe you would pick up a contract with Motherhood.

Lisa and Josh said...

Actually, I was just thinking that you DO kind of resemble Miss Venezuela in that pic! You look gorgeous! How cool...I didn't know you've done pageants!

Lisa and Josh said...

Oh, and by the need to narrow down the choices on your poll! Way too many for a prego to chose from...I love them all! LOL!

Newmans Wildcats said...

A: Your WAY prettier then her
B: I hate pageants
C: Glad you got that out of your system so we will never have to deal w/ that again.