Tuesday, March 25, 2008

There's more to me than the Army :)

I have been sitting here at work, thinking (and I have plenty of time to think, blog, eat, drink, etc. at work!) about how I have created this blog about the Army, which is a huge part of my life right now considering that it is moving me all around the country. It is hard to explain to other people who live "normal" lives what it is like not knowing where you will be next month. Right now for us, the anticipation of the unknown is thrilling. Some people live their lives having to know the plan for the future. I couldn't have that even if I wanted to, but I love the fact that I don't even have that option! Point being, I like, no. . . I love living the "Army Life" thus far. However, even though I like the army way I wanted to make it clear the Army is a huge part of my life, but it isn't my life in its entirety. Okay, so to the real point of this post: I have a life outside of the army and here is the preview of that life. I love the artsy things that use the right side of my brain (apparently) and since the left side is never working, I am only left with my right. I am my mother's daughter (except she knows how to use her entire brain). like to sew, even though I havent done much of it lately. I have also recently found that I enjoy cooking including the entire process in which it takes to get the food from its frozen state to the point where you can put it on the table, however I dont like the mess "it" makes. I like looking up recipes and craft projects online. My mom introduced me to the website "Etsy" which is incredible if you enjoy artsy things. Coffee is wonderful, and I am wondering these days if it is because of the taste or the company you get to enjoy while you drink it, but more than likely it is a little bit of both. I also like watching reality TV, it's my only flaw (haha). There are about a million other things I like, but I won't post them all. I did create this blog to tell you about my life as an Army sidekick, but occasionally I want to tell you about life outside of it, so if one day I post a picture of a plate of food, a homemade apron, or a bracelet I attempted to make from polymer clay, you can resort back to this thread and know exactly why. Ciao for now.


anna said...

i bet you thought the last person to comment on your blog would be anna steele, I loved it, and think it is great. . . keep it up. I have nothing to do for the last month of school till graduating because i already had my senior recital, so now i have time to do fun stuff, like read your blog. Hope GA is treating you well!

Kristen & Cliff said...

I LOVE coffee too!! I think BOTH reasons are valid for drinking it!!!