Thursday, March 20, 2008

So, the great thing about today is:

1. I get to return to Aerobics class after missing it 3 times in a row! My body can really tell the difference. Dont get me wrong, I DESPISE working out, but I have found that doing aerobics classes really motivates me, not to mention it gives me great nights of sleep!

2. My husband officially returns to me tonight! Oh what a world :) This is fantastic. I have never been more excited about cooking than I am now. After 5 months of not cooking (due to the fact there was no one there to cook for!) I can finally get back in the kitchen and this time we are trying some new dishes. I feel like we can be almost normal for a while (at least 6 weeks and thats a good amount of time to have hubby around according to us military wives)

3. My friend is dog sitting my 4.5 lb puppy for the night and day tomorrow so now she gets someone to play with while I am at work. It makes for a better day for me because I won't have to clean up after her or get up at 6:00 am to let her out! I guess that makes for a better day for her as well since she has someone to play with:)

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