Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 17

Every December 17th is my husband's birthday.
Yesterday, he had the day off of work!  
It was the first birthday in a few years that he had an entire day devoted to him.
We started off the morning just lounging around.
Then, he headed off to play racquetball with a friend.  This is his new hobby that he is a little obsessed with.  But I don't mind!  It's a good workout and he really enjoys it.  He won't let us come and watch though.  No worries, I'll be sneaking in the viewing room soon, with both kids so we can watch him do his thing, shhhhh ;)
While Seth was off playing racquetball, we snuck off to go get him his favorite birthday treat, a cookie (or 2) from The Great American Cookie Company.  Even though they were a little rude and they stuck our iced cookies in a little BAG to get all smooshed, they still tasted great!
We then took Seth out for a late lunch/early dinner at our favorite Mexican place, then headed over to Barnes+Noble where we sat around letting the kids play and Seth got to look through his business magazines.  I had an armful of crafting/home decor/fashion magazines and he had an armful of business mags.  He and I are so different it's not even funny!
THEN, we came home, sung Happy Birthday with candles in the cookies, and let him open his gifts: a Liberty University tshirt and a gift card to Dick's so he can go get some new running shorts.  Then we spent the rest of the evening watching football and snacking on a meat and cheese tray, pizza rolls, and homemade chocolate toffee cookies.
While we were eating cookies, Caleb told us, "This is a really good birthday!" 
hahahahaha :)
We love that old Sethy Poo. 
 He's a reallllllly good husband, daddy, leader, and friend.
So blessed to call him ours and start a new year of adventures together!

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