Wednesday, October 31, 2012

D.I.Y. Halloween Masks

Happy Halloween everybody!!!
We are having a GREAT Halloween so far :) 
Caleb is counting down the minutes until "showtime".
I can't wait to post their pictures of their costumes tomorrow.

Being that it is a Halloween, we skipped nap and did a fun Halloween craft...
Spooky Masks!!!

They were quick, easy, cheap, and Caleb is really having some fun with them.

Colored felt
hot glue and gun
black permanent marker
candy (optional ;-))

First, fill your mouth with lots of candy.

Decide what kind of masks you want.
We wanted a skeleton skull (as requested by Caleb), a Frankenstein monster, a ghost, and a pumpkin.
2 small ones for the kiddos and two larger ones for the parents.
I pulled up a photo on my phone and guesstimated as I cut.
These masks are very forgiving!

Couple of nostrils hot glued here...

Some scary details drawn on there...

Then I sewed elastic to the sides and voila!
Spookiness on the go!
Repeat for each mask, adding whatever details you would like!
Frankenstein is my fav :)

You can't see it here, but Lorelei was totally laughing under her mask!
I think she was trying to figure out what was going on.....either that or the felt was tickling her :)

We hope you all have a fun and safe and SPOOOOOOOOKY Halloween!!!
What are you and your kids dressing up as for Halloween???


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Bubble My Licorice said...

these are amazing :)
I love the idea!

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