Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chalk Paint Inspiration

The new obsession: CHALK PAINT!
I will have to agree, it is beautiful.
My mom asked me yesterday where she could find some Annie Sloan chalk paint so that got my wheels turning on what I could chalk paint too!
What is chalk paint?
Well, it looks like a very matte paint, just like a chalkboard but it comes in all kinds of amazing colors.
Here is an official definition from
 Chalk "style" Paint is not chalkboard paint, but paint that makes transforming furniture easy as it needs no surface prep and dries to a chalk-like finish. 

Of course, I ran to Pinterest for some inspiration that never lets me down.

What do you all think about all this chalk paint?

Chalk Paint FLOOR...this is breathtaking 

Paris Grey Armoire

More Paris Grey on a table...I'm obsessed with the Paris Grey!

I should've named this blog, "The Turquoise Peacock" with the way I obsess over turquoise.  Isn't this the beachiest, cutest side table?

Here is my dream dresser for whenever Lorelei gets a bigger room.  Adorable and so girly.

A whole bunch of great chalked pieces.

This could be my favorite
Source: via Paula on Pinterest

How beautiful and creative is this?

Annie Sloan chalk painted kitchen cabinets.

More cabinets...
Source: via Dana on Pinterest

A headboard to drool over

Chest of drawers painted in Annie Sloan cream with dark wax

And here are all the color options:

I have also seen homemade chalk paint recipes.  This recipe is from

DIY Chalk "style"Paint
1 cup paint
2 T Non-sanded grout

Who is ready to chalk paint something???
I AM!!!

Like what you see?
Pin it for safe keeping!


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Hollie said...

I love it. Definitely going to have to try it on some pieces around the house. There are a couple booths at the Antique Mall that I think use a lot of this too. Have you decided what to try it on?