Friday, August 31, 2012

Beautiful + Healthy Skin Tips

I really love my new line of work...the skincare field!
I am learning so much about our skin and how to get it beautiful and keep it beautiful.
I thought I would share some of my own personal tips with you...including my skin regimen.

There are lots of things you can do to keep your skin looking young and fresh and the number one essential on my list would be to WEAR SUNSCREEN!

1. SUNSCREEN: Obviously we can not completely avoid the sun, so when you are out in it, unless you want to end up like a prune, wear sunscreen and definitely do not go to the tanning bed.  That's the fastest and best ways to get wrinkles...and skin cancer!

2. WATER: Drink LOTS of water!  AT LEAST 64 ounces a day and more if possible.

3. EAT HEALTHY: Foods like spinach + sweet potatoes are full of vitamin C, salmon and nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, peanut butter and eggs are high in biotin.  Healthy foods paired with a good multi-vitamin (my favorite is a prenatal vitamin!) are a great way to help your skin look and feel it's best.

Here's are some other wonderful-for-your-skin foods:

4. SKIN ROUTINE:  As much as I despise washing my face, it's really important to get all that dirt and makeup off of your skin before bed...especially if you have on foundation!

I've had some questions about my own skin routine and my new business, so I decided to share it with you all..don't be overwhelmed...I don't do EVERYTHING every night!:

I LOVE Rodan+Fields Anti Age Regimen.  It has dummy-proof numbers on each bottle and it has TRANSFORMED my blah, broken out, oily and yet dry patched skin into smooth, clear, no acne to be found skin.  I will cry if they ever get rid of this...for real.

1.  The cleansing mask.  It has a clay base which draws dirt out of your skin AND exfoliating micro beads. It leaves your skin feeling clean but not tight, because it doesn't strip your skin of it's moisture!

I smear it on my face and I brush my teeth...or change a diaper...or put the dishes in the dishwasher...or get in the bath tub.
Then I wash it off!

 2.  PORE MINIMIZING toner...I take a gauze pad, pour a little on and wipe over my face...takes 5 seconds.  This is a great toner because it actually shrinks your pores.  Starting at age 30, we start losing 1% of collagen each year.  Collagen loss leads to bad, saggy skin and HUGE pores!  That's why a toner like this is so important.

3. Cream.  This is where some people get leery.  Especially if you are prone to oily skin but let me just tell you, these creams are miracles in a jar.  They actually have improved my oily prone skin. The regimen comes with an AM and PM cream to help fight wrinkles (and it's NEVER too early to start fighting and preventing wrinkles!).  I also use the amazing and magical eye cream.  I have an infant and a 3 year old who has decided to start waking in the middle of the night and yelling for a light to be turned night sleep is not always the greatest so this eye cream saves me from looking the way I feel.  It decreases puffiness, helps in the appearance of wrinkles AND fades dark eye circles! I'm not sure how much better it gets than that...seriously.

Eye cream results:

Talk about these for real results.  This is my friend Sherri.  She is also my hairdresser and my new customer.  This is her amazing picture before and only 5 days after starting Anti-Age:

More results:

These are steps I do about twice a week.
MICRODERMABRASION PASTE: I have used my fair share of microdermabrasion products and this BY FAR beats them ALL!!!  It makes my skin super clean, soft, and bright.
It's also GREAT for acne!

NIGHT SERUM:  This is silk in a capsule.  I love to use this right after the microdermabrasion paste.  It's full of peptides and retinol and it is your best bet to packing an anti-wrinkle "OOMPH!"
This can also be used on stretch marks!

Serum used on tummy area:

I also like to add these in the mix.  These are from the UNBLEMISH line...acne hates these bad boys because they work!
The wash is a sulfur base, extremely effective for acne.
The dual intensive acne treatment is hands down, amazing.  They found that storing the benzoyl peroxide in it's own chamber causes it to be more effective at fighting acne, and even preventing breakouts before they occur. As soon as I see a bump, or feel a bump forming, I run and put this on!  I actually use it to prevent as well! 

The wash smells good to me and it's purple!!!

UNBLEMISH regimen results (3 DAYS for these results!!!):

SELF TANNER: And this, dear friends, is a dream tan in a bottle.  I have tried just about every self tanner imaginable. My search stops here.
It is a foam that dries quickly and the color appears within a couple of hours!  It doesn't smell.
I repeat:
Plus, it doesn't make me feel sticky and gross.  I put it on after I shower and I still feel nice and clean afterwards because it's non-greasy and quick drying.  Perfect for getting a safe tan and keeping it through the winter!

So there ya have it!

All of that being said...take care of your's your largest organ!
Whether you decide to try out Rodan+Fields, or if you already have a regimen that gives you your dream skin...keep using it!
Good skin = good health, which also equals lots of young looking people running around ;-)
Here's to being 26 FOREVER!!! (Or 30, or 40, or 50!)
Football weekends ARE HERE!!! Woo hoo!!!
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