Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flower Onesie Tutorial

I finally got around to making Lorelei a little something.
This is a super easy way to glamorize a plain onesie.

You'll need some felt, 2 strips of fabric, and fray check.

1. Cut two squares from felt.

2. Cut two strips of fabric...mine were about 18"-24"

3. Set your sewing machine tension to the highest setting and set your thread length to the longest setting.  Sew down the middle of your fabric strips to create a ruffle.

4. Starting at the center of your felt, sew the ruffled strip onto the square, spiraling it as you go.

It should look like this from the front when you finish the spiral

...and this on the back.

Do both flowers the same way.

5.  Squeeze the fray check across the ends of the fabric to prevent further unraveling.  I like a little unravelling because I think it looks shabby-chicy ;)

6. Lastly, sew the flowers onto your onesie.

Then put it on your baby!

She's thrilled to be wearing it, can't you tell???

This is also great for tshirts for older girls.

What a sweet sister's picture this would be to make a matching onesie and tshirt???

I hope your week has been a great one!
Ours flew by.
Today we are headed to the pool to try and stay cool and mostly because I love the naps my kids take when we get back home...haha!

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JG said...

How cute!

Jessi @ Rising with the Son said...

Love these!! I need to practice doing the ruffle. I havent yet played with the other settings on my machine. I love the last step, "put it on your baby!" haha love you girl!

Claire said...


Casey Casson said...

Too cute! =)