Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life from the Living Room

We live in our living room

It's the spot where most everything goes down

 cheese on the sleeve, awesome

Lu Lu in her typical state

This is one hunk of a man...and watching him lovin on our kids makes him even hunkier

Do you live in your living room as much as we do???

Now I'm off to take my first bath of the's only 5pm


Aprille said...

yep, pretty much same here... for us it's the living room and the kitchen/eating area. We spent about 98% of our waking time in those two rooms!!! :)

Ariel Johnese said...

I just found your blog today and am absolutely in love with it. I'm a young stay at home mom so between taking care of the house and 6 month old daughter, I'm pretty bored so your crafts have given me a few ideas for things I can do to fill my day. So now to get my supplies out and of course sit in my living room with the little one crawling around. (: