Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring means...

It's definitely Spring around our house.
That means a lot of great things.

Caleb got to paint a special painting for the baby's room.
 I'm not sure what his inspiration was, but I really like his abstract eye ;)

Spring means beautiful flowers, in pots and flowers beds.

It means bright front doors...

and colorful, handmade wreaths.

It means flying the American flag proudly in the warm breeze.

Growing some veggies, like these green bell peppers.

Fresh tomatoes off of the vine,

and fences covered in cascading flowers that Caleb pulls off and uses as his trumpet.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.
It's so fresh and new and bright.
The air is clean and there's still a slight coolness in the air.
It means longer days outside visiting with friends and neighbors and enjoying God's beautiful creation after the staleness of winter.
For us this year, it not only means new flowers and blooms but it also means a new little addition to our family.
This may be my favorite Spring of all time.

What is your favorite part about Spring?


Expat Girl said...

Your front porch and house is gorgeous, I want it!!!

Jessi said...

Love the flowers! I need to plant some in my empty flower pots! My favorite is doing everything we can outdoors!