Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photoshop Dabble

Seth bought me photoshop back in the fall...of course it was something I had been wanting badly for a few years.
I finally got it!
There was only one problem...I had NO idea how to use it!
So, I decided that it's time to start dabbling with figuring it out.
This will take years, seriously.  There are SO many things to learn and SO many possibilities.
But I had to start somewhere.
Here are 3 pictures I fooled with this morning.
The top picture is the original picture and the bottom is the photoshop edited version.
I found some great tips on Pinterest that helped me get started.

Do you use Photoshop?
What has been your best source for learning how to use it?


Alysson said...

hey! you need to look into getting some "actions"...preset photo edits. You can buys them, but if you go like "Julie Paisley Photography" and "Pure Photography" on facebook- they feature free actions every so often.

Julie Danielle said...

I have Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. I just play around with it. I did have Lightroom book but I like just playing around the best.

Jen said...

I have used both Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro (prefer PSP) but I self-taught by googling and experimenting on my own.

JG said...

Nice work!