Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Love of Thrifting

I love thrifting...did you know that?  I just really do.

I was looking around my house this week and realized how much of my decor I can thank thrifting for!
I wanted to share my thrifty finds with you and give a few pointers for those of you who aren't quite sure how to begin thrifting.

Here is one of the mantles in my home.
Everything on this mantle was either purchased at a thrift shop or given to me.
The picture of the two men and the lady is a vintage catalog ad for suits.  I love this piece of art.  I purchased it for $10 at a thrift store and I think it's a steal.
The mirror was a treasure my mama found at Goodwill and gave to me.  The vintage scroll design is my favorite part about it.  Something I will keep forever.
The candlesticks were given to me from a friend I used to babysit for.  She had just moved and she had some great pieces that she no longer wanted so I took her up on her offer and brought them home with me!

Here is my other mantle.  The candlesticks were given to me by my same friend (she has some great candlestick taste!).  The painting I found in a Goodwill for a few bucks (I think it was $5).  It immediately caught my attention because it has a peacock flair.  It was handpainted and it has the artists name and year it was painted in the corner.  I just love the way it brings my living room together.

I love this outdoor art!  It's a metal sign I found at a Goodwill for a couple dollars.  I think it helps create a nice living area for my porch.

This chalkboard is one of my favorite finds! You wouldn't believe what it looked like before...I am saving that for another "DIY" post...but I'll give you a hint and say it was ugly.  I painted the frame, painted the canvas with chalkboard paint and voila!  

Here's a picture of Caleb's room.  I wanted to show you the big red C that I paid $5 for at a consignment sale and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces.  He likes it too because it's actually a little cabinet that opens up.

For Caleb's one year birthday, I took him and dropped a pretty penny on some gorgeous studio portraits.  I was prepared to spend a lot of money on a good frame until I found this one at a Goodwill one day!  It was a few dollars and it was a tacky gold color.  I came home, did a light white wash over the gold and put Caleb's picture in it.  I love the outcome and I saved about $40!

Here is the thrift piece my sister would like to steal from me.  It's a burlap covered board with iron cross hatching.  You can stick cards in it, mail or just use it as a piece of art...also found at Goodwill.

These three tin buckets are my latest find.  I snatched them up for $.25 a piece, yes, $.75 for ALL THREE at a yard sale this past weekend.  If you don't see the shabby chic beauty in them right now, just wait till I get some flowers in there!

Tips & Tricks
-Go early to your thrift shops so you can get first pick.
-Find out when they restock their shelves so you have a better chance at getting the good stuff.
-Ask if they have any discount days.  We have a thrift shop here that has a different category on sale each day of the week.  Another one has one day of the week where everything is 1/2 off!
-Look for things that are in good shape that you can "revamp", like my chalkboard.  It may seem ugly at first, but try to imagine what some paint will do for it.
-Look over items really well.  Make sure nothing is broken or falling apart.  I have made that mistake too many times!
-Google thrift store DIY projects to get ideas on great finds or beginner thrift store projects if your mind is blank.
-Don't be afraid to take a risk, especially if you find a good deal on something.  If it even remotely seems like something you could make work or re-purpose to fit your need, give it a try!
-Don't be ashamed to take your friend's "junk" that they don't want anymore.  If someone offers you something, don't say no just because you feel embarrassed to take it!  If you think you could use it, it's a whole lot better in your house than in your friends trash can.
-Keep a watch on your local yard sale ads.  Scout out the ones that seem worth while.  Try to bargain with them if you find something you really like but think the price tag is too high...chances are, especially at yard sales, that they will end up docking the price for you because they want it gone!


Kimberly Bonham said...

I love thrifting too! Who wouldn't!?!? Its like a treasure hunt! I go to Goodwill a lot...but my new favorite spot is SAVERS!

Lisa said...

Love your thrifting tips! I get so excited to find a treasure!!