Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day Free Printable and Activity

It's Groundhog Day everyone!
Caleb and I decided that we were going to see if OUR groundhog saw his here's how we did it.

We colored our groundhog...
(scroll to the bottom of the page to print out your very own groundhog to color!)

I guess he took a little coloring break, it's hard work ya know.

Gazing out the window, in lala land...okay Caleb, get back to coloring!

We cut out our little groundhog:

Ran outside and grabbed a stick and hot glued it to our groundhog.

Then we took Mr. Groundhog outside and swung him around a little bit.

Played with him...tried to stick him into the porch slat...the usual things one would do with a Mr. Groundhog

Then we stuck him in the ground.

We looked and looked...Caleb, what are you looking at there buddy?

Looked some more...

Then we gave up...our groundhog did NOT see his shadow!  
So, at least at our house, Spring's a comin' early!

This was a fun way to introduce Caleb to our American tradition and a great way to teach him about shadows.  
Unfortunately, the sun was not out so our groundhog did not have a shadow at all, but we left him sticking in the ground and after nap time we will be examining him again since the sun finally came out!  
It's perfect for introducing children to the positions of the sun throughout the day as can even take a piece of chalk out with you to trace the shadow and compare the difference in positions.  
Lots of options with this activity.

If you would like to print out your own FREE Mr.Groundhog printable, just click on the picture or click HERE!

Happy Groundhog Day!!!

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