Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Bumble Bee Applique Onesie

I definitely have been feeling the pressure of a new little one about to enter our home!
I can't wait to smell that newborn baby smell and kiss those sweet cheeks.
Even though I can't wait...I'm still not quite ready either.  I have too many things on my "baby-do list" that I still haven't gotten too!
All the little projects and fun baby things I had planned to do over my pregnancy haven't happened yet.  I realized Friday that the next eleven weeks are going to go by fast, so I'd better get myself in gear to do some of the baby things I've been wanting to do.

While Caleb napped Saturday afternoon, I grabbed a plain onesie, some yellow, black, and white felt, and my handy scissors. 
 This project was relaxing.  I sat in the living room with Seth. 
 We turned a movie on, and I sat there cutting out my shapes and pinning them to the onesie until I was ready to move to the sewing machine and sew them on.

I really like these cute, little bees...perfect for a girl or a boy. 
 I  especially like the little one on the hiney. 
 My plan is to make Caleb a matching T-shirt...I hope I can remember to grab up a few t-shirts the next time I'm out!
He also requested a giraffe shirt...which actually is a cute idea!

I think Caleb is really excited about being a big brother.
I am going to dress them in matching clothes for as long as they'll let me!
I know that right now Caleb will think it's super cool to match his little baby brother or sister...we'll see how long that lasts ;)

The fun thing about appliques is that they are simple to make and you can make anything...
Just cut, pin and sew!
You can even hand sew the felt on if you don't have a sewing machine.
Does it get easier than that?

Here are a few cute applique tutorial blog links that I found if you have no idea where to begin! 
 OR if you just want a few, fun ideas :)

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JG said...

I never even thought about making my own appliques! Thanks for the idea!