Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yesterday, Caleb and I did a little crayon craft.  

We taped crayons onto a canvas.

Very sporadically.

Then we used a little hair drying power.

 Starting to look cool!

Gets a little messy, but it wouldn't be as much fun if it was a clean craft.
Some of our crayons fell off, but we just held them on.

We kept on blow drying until we liked what we saw.

Ta da!  
The power of wax, a blow dryer and a kid who might turn out to be a scientist.

Summer Version:  I was thinking that it would be fun to cut crayons up and lay them on the canvas out in the hot sun, then check back every hour or so to see the progress.  Plus, my hand wouldn't be so tired from holding a hair dryer... ;-)

We stayed home all day yesterday and this really helped break up our day.  It was a craft that took longer than 5 minutes...and those are the ones I really love!


Angela said...

I've seen this idea on Pinterest. Looks great! I bet he had fun :)

Clifford Jeffery said...

That is so cool!!!

Ashley said...

I love it! I've see it on Pinterest a lot. We will have to do this too!