Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Week

We had a busy, fun and very busy week...

We met with some friends to play with choo choo's before we ran about 10 million errands...look at these two.  Does it get much sweeter?  They are exactly a year apart!  Thomas has a birthday February 20 and Caleb's is February 18.  Plus Thomas has a really cool mommy which makes hanging out even more fun :)

I snuck away for a couple of hours and spent some glorious and yet frustrating time in the fitting room at Motherhood...apparently the only maternity place in town. I did find some fabulous black pants that feel like a dream and a couple of comfy shirts.  I like to take pics of what I try on because it helps me decide if it looks good or not...then I go back home and look through the pics I took and laugh bc my faces are pretty funny.

We also went to visit the Fire Station this week.  Caleb was a wee bit scared of the huge firetrucks and the scary equipment BUT he warmed up after the firemen put on a puppet show about stop, drop and rolling :)

The really weird part of the week for me.  I have been working on some crafts for an Easter article in a local magazine.  It's pretty funny to be sitting in one room with my Christmas tree and decorations and then walk into the office to a table covered in Easter things.  I am very excited about the article though!  

Someone got a little nap time in...after he asked me if I would bring him some coffee so he could wake up...haha!

Made Seth take a picture of Caleb and I on our way across the street to hang out with our super fun neighbors.

I was pretty sure an elf showed up in my house but I was quickly corrected.  
This is, indeed, Santa Clause.
He walks around, talking in a deep voice and saying "Ho! Ho! Ho! I Santa Cwause"
Then he takes the hat off and says, "It's me! Caweb!!!"
I'm sure glad he took the hat off and told us, otherwise we wouldn't have known!

Happy Friday everyone!
We start our journey to Texas for a wedding and Christmas.  Caleb gets to meet his cousins for the VERY FIRST time!  I am beyond ecstatic...I mean look at the these cute, super well behaved kids...I think someone's gonna have a fun Christmas :)

Plus, he hasn't seen his Honey and Pop in a year, so this visit is LONG I just hope he cooperates as a ring bearer!

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♥Carlos, Elizabeth, and Addison♥ said...

Santa Claus Caleb is super cute! Have you tried for maternity clothes? Right now they are having a 30% off sale. The sizing (with help from peoples reviews) is pretty accurate. I've order about 7 things and none have had to be returned. Yay!