Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day & MilSpouse Magazine!!!

Hello to all and Happy Veterans Day! 
 I am so thankful to every single Veteran who has sacrificed.  All the dad's and mom's who have missed months and even years with their children and families who have given the ultimate sacrifice for all of words would ever be sufficient enough to say thank you.
I'm especially proud of all my family members who are Veterans and extra proud of my husband! We love him so much!

Seriously, look at this hunk! :-)

AND as a military spouse, I was contacted recently about having my fabric wreath tutorial published in MilSpouse Magazine and guess what???
 It's in this months issue!  
Now, I just have to make it up to base to grab myself a copy!
 Prettttttttty excited about it :)


Reccewife said...

That's so exciting for you, congrats!

Dawn said...

That is awesome, I will have to get a copy!