Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Leather Cord Bracelet...EASY!!!

This is the easiest DIY I will ever post...so if you like the look of the leather cord bracelets that everyone is wearing this fall, this is a cheap, easy way to DO IT YOURSELF! :)

Step 1: Grab some leather cord and a little bag of these clasps/hooks..you'll only need two of them and I found an entire bag of them at Walmart in the jewelry section for a little over $1.

Step 2: I used about 2 yards of the leather cord (very long) then tied the hooks around each end of my cord, snipping off any excess.

 Step 3: Wrap the cord around your wrist. 
This may take a few minutes to get it at a comfortable tightness.

Now you have your bracelet! 
Squash the cord together to create more of a braided looking bracelet...

Or spread it apart (my favorite way) to create a wide, wrapped bracelet.
I think it would also be fabulous to add a second leather bracelet in an aqua or teal color!

I've also doubled the cord and worn it as a leather necklace.
This is such a versatile project.
I hope you have fun and save money by making your own!

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