Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's here folks

September is here!
I may not have a sweater and boots on yet but I did find a purple tank and some orange earrings to help get me in the fall mood...afterall, Halloween comes in at a close second (to July 4th) for favorite holiday.

My sweetie peatie Caleb Easton has been such a good buddy this week.  
He watched toons in bed with me yesterday morning while I tried to talk myself into getting up and getting going.  
Some days, that is so hard to do.
Please notice the cheese nips in the background.  A Mr. Wade special.  He snacks before bed and I always laugh when I go to clean his snack up the next morning...I say laugh loosely here. 

Mr. Wade also came home early from work the other day to spend time with us.
We had such great conversation.

I'm already gearing up for Saturday's big event...the kick off of college football.
Mr. Wade has been keeping track of the days left until he gets to watch football every Saturday.
We will be rooting for the Bulldogs on Saturday.
Who are you rooting for?

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