Thursday, August 18, 2011

Art Class

It's officially first day of school! 
It wasn't too bad actually.

Probably because my first class in a drawing class and I enjoy those kinds of classes anyways.  
I finished my first assignment while Caleb was at Mother's Morning Out and I have 3 more to finish before Monday! I'm hoping to finish at least two tomorrow so I don't have to worry about them this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I can NOT wait for Friday to be here! 
We are going to take Caleb to the pool Saturday.  It's a splash park actually and I am really hoping he likes it.  I figure it may be our last pool time of the summer...bummer.  But I must say, I am already anxious for fall.  My mommy brain is going a million miles a minute trying to think of Halloween costumes and fun pumpkin ideas.

Not every thing is completely honky dory around here though.  We have some shady neighbors next door. 
Of course out of the entire hood' we have the strange people right beside us.  
There is one older lady who owns the house...she's probably 60? Then there are three 30-50 year old men who are ALWAYS there! When I say always, I mean always!  They sit out on their porch smoking a cigarette and drinking the middle of the day.  

Obviously none of them work.  

We are collaborating with the "fun" neighbors across the street to try and figure out what's going on in that house...and we may not want to know!  Last week, they caught their miniature, home-made smoker contraption on fire...they pulled the meat out (which was covered in flames) and started yelling, "Water! Water!"

I was hoping someone would call the fire department so they could come out and "investigate"...but no such luck.

I guess it could be worse, right?  
In all reality, it's pretty entertaining...3 grown men and an old lady.

Back to the weekend.  I am excited because I'm making sweet orange rolls Saturday morning for breakfast and I get to spend some time with this love one, true, nerdy hunk!

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