Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wiregrass Museum of Art

   The more I get to know Caleb, the more I realize that his little 2 year old self isn't much different than my 25 year old self.  Some days he wakes up in a fabulous mood and the day seems to be GREAT! He doesn't have to be punished for anything, he's not whiny, he listens, he's sweet and he's just a joy to be around.  Then there are days where I literally feel as though he's morphed into a different child that I don't recognize.  Everything we try to do seems to be a struggle, he's crying and whining about anything and everything and 90% of what end up coming out of my mouth that day seems to be, "Caleb, stop doing that!" or "No!"  
  We've definitely had quite a few of the struggling days here lately.  This move seems to have put him in a confused state. Everything from misbehaving to seemingly forgetting that he was potty trained a month ago! He understands that we have a "new house" but I often find him asking for his friends back in Columbus.  He especially seems to think about them just before bed and I'm so sad that he hasn't been able to meet any new buddies yet to take his mind off the buddies he's missing from his "old house".  I can't blame him though.  I have also been in a not so fabulous mood here lately.  I miss having an outlet...a group of great girlfriends that I can call and meet up with in a few minutes notice.  We've been working non-stop trying to get our house in order and now that things are slowing down a bit, I am realizing that I don't have that network of friends here.  I'm at square one and I'm super frustrated!  I know that in time, Caleb and I will both meet new friends but for right now, I feel we are both sad and lonely missing our friends that we no longer live near.
   However, last night and today have been what I would like to consider a turn of the corner...perhaps for both of us.  My stinky attitude and mood seem to have disappeared.  I was able to read a few great devotionals and spend some time with God, asking Him to help me get over this hump in the road and to appreciate each new moment and to have patience that new relationships will develop in His timing.  I don't want to miss out on the great times that I could be having just because my attitude's my choice what I'm going to do about my circumstances!
We started off last night by taking Caleb to see his first movie in the theatre.  We saw Winnie the Pooh and it was the cutest little movie.  Caleb didn't budge!
    Then this morning I got on the computer and looked up some fun things that we could all do together in these last couple of days before Seth starts his new job...and lo and behold, I found an entire list!  After a great lunch at Panera, where Caleb ate his entire sandwich without whining and complaining (and if you knew Caleb, you would know how great of a feat that was!), we drove downtown and visited The Wiregrass Museum of Art.  We truly had a great time together.  Caleb behaved like a little angel which meant that Seth and I could actually enjoy ourselves.  After looking at the exhibits, we let Caleb play in the kids area for a good 30 minutes....of which he LOVED! Seth and I even had fun coloring with him. He didn't fuss or throw a fit when we had to leave...oh how I wish everyday could be like today!  

The perfect devotional for times when you are just in a funk you can't get out of: 
"My Utmost for His Highest- After Obedience---What?"
I love it because it talks about the importance of NOW rather than later.  "God's training is for now...His purpose if for this minute, not for something in the future..."
This devotional is a reminder to me that every moment counts.  Live for the NOW, not for the is short and if we don't live for now, our life will pass us by.
I'm reminded that every day as I see Caleb watching me and mimicking me.  Even my 2 year old can pick up on my rotten attitude.
Such an encouragement to me to put my sad, quick tempered, moody, rude self to the side and take on each moment with a positive attitude that would glorify God.  After all, as Christians our sole purpose in this life is to point others to Christ through every aspect of our lives!  I'm not perfect and never will be but that won't keep me from trying my best to be better with each matter if I fail more than I succeed! 

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Ashley said...

We're in the same boat you and I! We just moved a few months ago and I'm just starting to make friends at this post. PWOC has been a great outlet and with the free childcare its been a blast for all of us! You have a good attitude though :) Stay positive. I like the picture of Caleb looking up at the two photos by himself. Looking so sophisticated.