Monday, July 25, 2011

What I Wore...

Here are a few outfits I have worn over the past week and some other fun stuff.

Orange, up-cycled tank with herringbone ruffle and dark denim skinnies

Putt Putt night! Striped tank with linen drawstring pants and piggy tails

Church Outfit...striped seersucker (the dress I wore to my wedding rehearsal), vintage navy bead necklace

Up-cycled tank

Fun pizza favorite summer outfit of Caleb's :-)

Vintage pillowcase material

I hope everyone's weekend was fun!  Happy Monday!


Ashley said...

I love Caleb's outfit. My 11 month old has one that is teal and brown horizontal stripped. So cute. They remind me of 1920's swimsuits ha ha

David and Sarah said...

Super cute outfits!! I love that tank makeover! Adorable!