Friday, July 15, 2011

We Made It!

It's been a lonnnnng week but we finally made it and we are working hard to get the zillion boxes unpacked! It took me most of today to unpack the kitchen and Seth was able to get all our utilities figured out and unpack the living room.  

THIS is what my kitchen looked like last night!  One of the packers was new and I could tell which boxes he packed.  Literally, everything was thrown in the box...including knives just scrambled in with everything else and no packing paper around it! Eeek!  That's why it took me so long to unpack because everything was so unorganized when I opened the boxes.  But thankfully, Caleb took a ginormous nap and I was able to get everything unpacked :-)

I think he makes pretty lovely bookshelf decor, don't you?

One of my favorite parts about the house...our back porch!  We ate breakfast on it this morning :-)

This is how you eat cereal when you haven't unpacked the bowls yet:

The gateway to the back yard! After a little trim, it will be looking lovely.

 This is one tired little guy...sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time!  He didn't even try to escape :)

I am also having a trash can dilema in the kitchen...we have a mid-sized black trash can now and I have no place to put it! It won't fit in the pantry or under the sink and I don't want to just leave it out in the open.  Any suggestions? Perhaps a good under-the-sink trash can idea?


Melissa said...

yay! glad you made it, and I love your kitchen!!

Jen said...

I love your house!

Tina said...

Two that I did, one that a friend did. My kitchen was too small, so I just went out and purchased a smaller trash can to fit under my sink. My friend had her husband build a wooden box around her trash can with a lid. You've probably seen them in a lot of magazine.
My father and husband were military...I understand the packer problems. The men that packed us from Louisiana to Okinawa just put tape over our trash can and shipped it like that. Imagine our stinky surprise when we opened a month later!!

Michelle A'etonu said...

i love your new house, especially the shelving in the kitchen! best of luck in getting all thoe boxes unpacked!

Stephanie@SweetTeaAndSunshine said...

I've learned to pack most stuff myself, honestly. Our last move from England to here was atrocious. I packed all the "good" stuff, but like you said....they threw EVERYTHING in together and there was no sort of organization at all! I had kitchen bowls, a surround system, jewelry & baby clothes all in one box. Your new home looks lovely, can't wait to see it decorated! :)

Mel said...

My parents keep a garbage can just outside the door in the garage. That way, you can put extra-smelly stuff in there as opposed to the kitchen and your kitchen can smell better longer. It also helps for throwing things away in your car and serves as a mid-way point to the outdoor trash can you put on the curb. Just a thought...

Angela said...

What about one of those sliding trash cans that connect to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door and slide out when you open it? They might be smaller and you will have to empty it more often, but could be a possibility?

Though the idea that Tina suggested of building a nice box around a trash can so its hidden is great!- a good DIY project possibly!