Monday, July 4, 2011

I pledge allegiance to the flag

235 years ago today, we declared our independence from Great Britain and have been fighting ever since then to keep it that way.  Aren't you glad we live in a FREE country?  We sure are and we have been celebrating our independence all weekend long!

I saw this cute flag idea on a blog this week...I wish I could remember which one!
I knew I had to try it out and I'm so glad we did.
Caleb truly thought it was the best craft ever!
He loved the fact that he was painting with his feet and hands.

In this household if you're 5 and under, pants are optional ;-)

Thumbs up!

We wish you all a happy and safe July 4th filled with fireworks and sparklers!!!


Ashley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this finger paint flag!! I hope you don't mind but we may just be doing this today as well. What an adorable idea! Happy Independence day!!

Jen said...

It's so cute!

Jessi said...

so adorable! I love the picture of him holding the painting and all you see are his little legs and feet :) great idea!