Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tryke Makeover- Part 1

We grabbed a tricycle for Caleb at a yard sale for $2!  Even though it was in rough shape, the pedals and wheels all worked great so I decided to take the challenge of making it look as good as new.  This is part one of the makeover:

What I used:


The next step is to work on all that red that has faded.  Speaking of fading, have you seen this awesome stuff that's supposed to keep outdoor plastics from fading???  I am grabbing a bottle to spray on all of Caleb's outdoor toys!  I found it at Sherwin Williams.

I also need your help!  I found two of these wing back chairs at a thrift store.  They are vintage but it looks like they've never been sat in.  They are literally in brand new condition.  They are a soft yellow velvet.  I had been wanting a couple for the new house we are moving to next month and these are $30 each.  Do you like them? Or should I keep looking?  You can be honest, I promise not to cry :)

I love the look of these wing back chairs and I'm hoping to do go for a similar look if I get the yellow ones!


April said...

Great post today! You inspire me to thrift more! I say get the chairs! They're hard to find, especially in a set. You will beautify them :)

StephieD said...

I totally think you should get the chairs! They look great! :)

Mel said...

I like the chairs. If they work in your house, with your "theme" then they will be fantastic. They certainly have character and look great!

Jen said...

If I were you, I'd grab those chairs up!

Mary Catherine said...

I can't wait to hear if you got these! I think they're a great find, though not quite my style. loved your inspiration pics!

Julia said...

Get the chairs! I went thrift-ing today and finds like those chairs are few and far between! Plus I love that velvet fabric =)