Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Fun

We have had such a fun weekend!  Friday, Caleb and I went to base and got to spend some time with Seth in his office.  Caleb has a new found love for office white boards :) 
Friday night wasn't so fun since I decided to highlight my own hair and almost had to go get a pixie cut...I admit, I cried.... a lot! You might think I am silly for crying about possibly having to cut my hair but I have been letting my very slow growing hair grow out for 3 years and the thought of starting all over makes me cry! Luckily, with the help of my awesome nanny who is a beautician, a jar of deep conditioner, a head wrapped in saran wrap and a break down on twitter, my hair has been salvaged! I will NEVER do that again...seriously, NEVER!!!! And now I unintentionally have my red hair back...but I would seriously take any color hair as long as it's on my head!!!

Saturday was a GREAT day, all around! We got the house cleaned really good so that a retired military couple could come look at our house.  They were so fun to talk to and ended up signing the lease before they left! We couldn't be happier.  They are in their 40's and the husband is meticulous about good looking yards  and the wife is an interior decorator who prides herself on being a neat freak (she even keeps a basket of clean socks at her front door and tells her guests to take off their shoes and put on a pair of socks before they come in!).  They stayed for 2 hours talking to us and going on and on about how much they loved the house and the yard.  We are hoping they decide to buy it from us.  Definite answer to prayer though! We put out house up for rent on Sunday and less than a week later (before the "for rent" signs were delivered) we rented it out.  God is so good!

But the day didn't stop there...oh no siree! My sweet friends April, Amy, Jessi and their families came over for a cook out.  I have been meeting up with these girls at least every other week for coffee since the fall.  We found each other via blogging and have all become the best of friends.  We decided we should all get together and meet each other's husbands.  We had a blast! 
L to R: Jessi, Yours Truly, Amy holding Elliot, April holding Rowan

Caleb and Cayden (Jessie's little boy) were best buds all night and Amy and Aprils little baby boys were troopers! The only people missing were Jeremy (Jessi's husband) and Rylie (April's little girl).  We sure missed them!
Caleb and Cayden...only 4 months apart and they party'ed the night away!

Sweet cousins getting to know each other :)

  Dessert time was my favorite...besides the fact that we were eating red velvet cake....we all sat in the living room and told funny stories about each other.  Oh, it was so much fun! Makes me even more sad that we are leaving soon :(  So now it's our goal to do as many of those cookouts as possible!!!

We sat the men folk at the baby! The ladies got the big table :)  
L to R: Seth (my hubs), Matt (Amy's), Jason (April's) and the two little guys

Today, after so much fun stuff this weekend, we are planning on going to church and coming back home to nap and chill out all afternoon! 
I hope that you all had a wonderful's not over yet though so enjoy your Sunday! :-)

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