Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Make Your Own Bath Salts

I'm all about a hot bath.  My husband doesn't understand it.  In fact, in the almost 4 years that we've been married, I have never seen him take a bath...he hates them!  I, on the other hand, take a bath every day...sometimes twice.  A hot bath is to me at night what a hot cup of coffee is to me in the morning.  It helps me relax and unwind and sleep better.  So it's no wonder that I really love bubble bath and bath salts and bath bombs and fizzes and bath beads and all those other neat bath things.  I decided to try my hand at making my own bath salts.  I can't take all the credit though.  Back in January when I miscarried, my friend ever since 5th grade sent a box in the mail.  She had made some lavender bath salts for me and topped it off with a Starbucks gift card...the perfect package to help cheer me up...she knows me too well.  These bath salts aren't only great for everyday baths but they are wonderful gift ideas too!
 Sooo, here we go:
You will need a bag or box of epsom salt (you can find it in your pharmacy section at any grocery or drug store and it's inexpensive)
A glass jar with a lid
Some essential oil or fragrance oil (essential oil is great for aromatherapy and for those allergic to perfumes, otherwise, the fragrance oil is usually cheaper and smells just as good)

I found some rosemary mint oil...oooo la la (mint and I have a little thing for each other, especially in the spring time, but don't tell Seth)

 Fill your jar up with epsom salt, add a few drops of oil (about 6-10), put the lid back on and SHAKE!!!

This was a gift for a friend, so I took some glass paint and labeled the front...VOILA!
They smell good PLUS epsom salt is supposed to help with achy joints and bones so it's a win win!

Random epsom salt facts:
Epsom salt can reduce swelling caused by sprains and bruises. It also helps reduce muscle cramps. The next time you experience these symptoms, try adding some to your bath water. According to the Epsom Salt Council, magnesium--one of the main components of Epsom salt lowers blood pressure, increases energy levels and helps digestion.

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Charity said...

You read my mind! I was just looking at pages to learn how to do this not 5 minutes ago!

Christina said...

Does the salt dry your skin out at all?

Paula Kathlyn said...

Charity- I'm so glad that I read your mind...I didn't even realize I was capable of that! :)

Christina- No, I haven't noticed the salt drying my skin out at all. If you are worried that it will, you can always squirt a dab of baby oil in with your bath...makes for super soft skin! :)

MrsMcDancer said...

Oooh, love this! My husband knows how much I love a good hot bath now and again. Every time we discuss dream houses he includes giant tub on the list :)

Hannah V said...

Imma make some :-)

Hannah V said...

Imma make some :-)