Thursday, April 7, 2011

Giveaway Winner, Essential Oils and a Review!!!

Winner of DeLoop's giveaway is #6- JG!!!!

Now for a new review and giveaway that I am SUPER excited about.
I've been using Emily Tavis's "Vaalia Lelek" skin care line for the past 3 weeks. She generously sent me a face wash and a serum to try out for a review. I will have to say that at first I was a little skeptical.  The face wash doesn't suds up like a normal wash.  Rather, it is 100% oil...but it is amazing!  It even took my mascara off with ease and it's completely natural, essential oils so it smells good.  I pump some into my hand, rub into my face, splash water on my face to wash the oil off and wipe off with a wash cloth.  Then, I apply a small amount of the serum (also made from essential oils) all over my face.  At first it seems wayyy too oily but after about 5 minutes, the oils have soaked into my skin and my skin feels soft.  The mixture made for me was for acne prone skin and I must say that it has worked better on my acne than any clearasil or proactiv that I have used.  I LOVE this product and will continue to use it after I use up my sample bottles.  It also was great for around my eyes and moisturizing your eyes is always good for preventing wrinkles!
The best part about this is the friendship I have made with Emily.  She is a gem and wonderful to work with.  She is also a fellow believer and I can truly see God's light shining through her.  She loves God, she loves people and she loves her business!

Luckily for one of you, Vaalia Lelek is giving away one of her amazing serums!  

Here is some information about Vaalia Lelek:

Vaalia Lélek® is a natural skin care company whose heart is to change
the face of Beauty. What is beauty? You are Beauty. Brilliantly
ther skin care line treating
created, perfectly crafted.  Vaalia Lélek® is more than just an o skin’s imperfections. It has thrown synthetic chemicals out of the window,
completely 100% natural way. What makes Vaalia Lélek®truly unique i
along with the adverse effects they have on the body, and nurses the skin in as that while the skin is being treated, so is the whole person. The conditions of the mind and the
body, they are able to treat what hinders our beauty at the root
heart often show up physically.  Because essential oils have both topical and internal effects on th e, not just on the surface. Each essential oil is composed of a unique array of chemical constituents from over 3,000 aromatic molecules, which are responsible
where they then enter the bloodst
their synergistic impact on health. - Because of the lipophilic nature of essential oils they are easily absorbed through permeable places on the skin’s surface ,ream and are carried throughout the body administering their healing properties to internal sites. The internal health of the body affects the outward health of the skin.
f an essential oil enter the nose and reach the olfactory bulb,
- When used topically on the skin they have the ability to heal, revitalize and regenerate the skin’s tissues and correct imbalances of the skin. - The aromatic molecules owhich transmits signals to the limbic system of the brain. The limbic system is made up of the amygdyla and the hippocampus. The amygdyla mediates our emotions and the hippocampus is
ek’s® current offerings won’t address sufficiently, for an addit
responsible for our memory. Together they control our emotional, hormonal, metabolic, and stress responses thus impacting health. If you have specific skin issues that one of Vaalia Lé lional fee of $50, you can have a custom serum made. A consultation will be performed to gather information regarding your current physical skin condition while taking into consideration the other elements of your life and how they
may be impacting your skin. After appropriate research is conducted a formula will be devised and presented to you. Upon your approval, your custom serum will be handcrafted. Contact Emily Tavis directly at (917) 957-4324 or to discuss further.
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StephieD said...

I think my favorite product on her site would be either the stuff for the Men (my hubby has VERY sensitive skin or the Aches and Pains Blend.

StephieD said...

I tweeted! :)!/StephieDuffy/status/56173876106891264

Anonymous said...

The lemon and lavender oil cleanser sounds amazing and the cleanse for acne prone skin.

Anonymous said...

I tweeted!

here is my user name...I have not figured out how to get the link of the tweet