Monday, March 28, 2011

WIWW- What I Wore This Weekend

Actually, I should probably say, "What WE wore this weekend" since Caleb wiggled his little way into just about every picture...he makes me laugh so hard, unless he's yelling "STOP IT!" at me, then it's another story that's not so funny...but I will save all that for another day...anddddd moving on.

Excuse the sleeve that is stuck up...I promise the dress had two matching sleeves.  
I won tickets to see "The Little Baby Snoogle Fleejer" downtown at The Springer Opera House, so we dressed up a little bit.  Caleb is wearing seersucker blue and white striped pants, rolled up and a pale blue button down.  I am wearing a grey, knit dress with pearl-like baubles around the neckline and clear jelly shoes.  A few of you asked me last week where my clothes came from and I have to be honest and tell you that most of them are second hand...this one included.

Caleb's escape plan


 I channeled a modern Lucille Ball with a full, black and white geometric print, high waisted skirt, a black tshirt and bejeweled sandals.  The little man is sporting a rugby striped Ralph Lauren romper (one of my fav's!)...from ebay...even Caleb isn't safe from the second hand queen!

What did YOU wear this week?
I am still trying to get Seth involved with "Outfit of the Day". He asked me, "What do you win?" Hahahahaha! Imagine his dissapointment when I told him, "nothing".  He's not competitive or anything.


Ryan said...

You are simply too cute! I love reading your blog! You have inspired mt to wear something besides sweatpants on the weekend! haha :)

Ryan said...

that last comment was Hilary btw. For got my husbands google account was signed in... oops!

Ashley said...

Cute outfits! So funny how Caleb is in the background of all the pics! Hes such a doll and growing so much!

Mary Catherine said...

such adorable outfits!