Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Seuss, Birthdays and Photo Shoots, On My!

After a couple weeks of not getting around to it, I finally did Caleb's 2 year old birthday photo shoot with the infamous bear!  I will honestly admit that after taking his picture every month for the first year of his life with that bear, I was more than excited when month 12 came along and I could take a break from the bear photo shoots. I had a year to re-coop and here is the 2 year shoot!  My secret for taking these pictures was to put Toy Story in the DVD player and then set up the shoot facing the TV.  Then I grabbed a dum dum and let him eat away...oh the things I do for a decent photo!  It worked pretty good, until I started getting in his way (excuse me!) and he got a little aggravated.  All in all I am happy to have captured a few goodies.

This is him saying "cheese!"'s our favorite writer's birthday today! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!  Thanks for some super fun books that have made for precious bedtime reading memories.


Jen said...

Cute! What kind of diaper is he wearing?

JG said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing your secrets. :) I wondered how you got him to pose so nicely!

Angela said...

Great photo shoot, I especially love the 3rd to last and the very last photos. Very cute and artistic I think ;)