Saturday, March 12, 2011

As if I didn't already love her...

I had to go and meet The Pioneer Woman and become OBSESSED!  The woman is a in a true ruby...seriously, look at this face and tell me it doesn't make you want to be her best friend?

Okay, maybe this one would be a better, current representation:

And here is her favorite picture of her husband that she refers to as "Marlboro Man", whom we also got to meet...errrr...see, not meet, but we were close enough that it felt like we were brave enough to go up to him and ask to take a picture with him:
Her caption for this picture: "This. This. This is what chaps are all about. And don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise." Which you can find in her cookbook between chicken spaghetti and chicken friend steak.
Her husband is one tall dude with a cowboy hat and boots...and all of her many blog posts about how good looking he is are believable (and don't worry, I still think my husband's cute behind would look even better than this in offense Ree)

Then we met her yougest, the two boys...or saw them at least.  They are the cutest things you ever did see...decked out in their button down shirts, tucked into cowboy style wrangler jeans, boots and a belt. 

She was just the friendliest, sweetest gal.  I went with my friends Amy and April and I couldn't have asked for  better company.  She talked to all of us without making us feel rushed, even though the line was tremendous.  Right before we walked away she looked at me and said, "You look so cute!" My new claim to fame....THE PIONEER WOMAN THINKS I'M CUTE!!!!
I always thought people who stood in ridiculously long lines to meet people, ridiculous.  I never could think of anyone that I liked enough to stand in line that long for...but I finally found someone that was worth the line...and she didn't disappoint :)
I loveee that lady.

Here we are, all one big happy family:

(She had BLACK boots on this time!)


Tina said...

How exciting! I would love to meet the Pioneer Woman! She seems like a really nice, fun person to be around..I bet the long line was worth the wait!

JG said...

So cool! She's an Oklahoman, you know. ;)

Jessi said...

How fun!!! I love that everyone had some kind of red tone to their hair! :) great pictures! And look at little Rowan all passed out! haha! so adorable. :)

Meg said...

How fun! Looks and sounds like you all had a blast! I'm tempted to be jealous ;)

Sarita said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! She seems pretty hilarious if her blog and her tweets are anything like her sense of humor :-)

Aubrey said...

How cool is that!! Awesome photos!