Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring Dreamin'

Yesterday was a glimmer of spring weather hope for me!  It was in the 60's and the sun was shining.  I even worked on a furniture re-do piece outside and took Caleb on a walk.  It was wonderful!  A very nice change from being stuck inside all day, keeping warm.  I realize that I still have about a month and a half before things really start looking springy, but my mind is already racing.  I saw some grape and berry plants this weekend and Seth and I have decided that we are going to have a fruit garden this year instead of a vegetable one (although I am still going to plant my tomato plant in my topsy turvy!)    It just makes sense because Caleb loves fruit and I always feel guilty buying the regular fruit at the store because of the chemicals, but I just can't bring myself to paying $6 a pint for the organic strawberries!!!  I planted strawberries last year, and they didn't do so hot but I heard that the second season of your strawberry plants is usually the year you will see the fruit....I can only hope so.  
Caleb loves that we have a garden too.  His reason's are different then mine though.  He loves to help me water it, and get soaking wet in the meantime and he just loves going outside and playing while I pull weeds and try to keep my plants from dying!  Our backyard is not that big and Caleb is still a little small for a big swing set, but I still have my eye out for an awesome swing set for him that he can have one day!  I don't know how many of you have heard of CSN stores but they not only have great toys for kids (and really just about anything else!) but they also have great swing sets for kids.

I looked around the website and found some of my all time favorite outdoor toys:

Seriously, is this not the coolest??? I would have fun on that thing!!! It's a Gorilla Playset.

Caleb actually has this one.  It's perfect for a 1-3 year old, it's easy to move around and store and Caleb LOVES it!  We even brought it inside the other day and he has fun letting his army men "slide" down the slide.  One of my top outdoor toy recommendations!

Okay guys...this is my top pick for Caleb's big birthday present.  He has a birthday in a few weeks and I am ordering it from CSN stores...I just have to decide what I want to get him!  We originally were going to order a train table, but have realized that we just don't have room in the house for it right now.  So, we decided that an outdoor toy would be the best option...now I just have to talk Seth into this one :)  Isn't it super cool???

Anyone else spring dreaming with me???  I realllllllly want to wear a dress and flip flops too!!! :)

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StephieD said...

That roller coaster is so cool! :) And I sooooo agree with you on the dress and flip flops! While organizing for the move I came across a box with all of my spring/summer skirts in it... And I wanted to wear them now, but it's only 40 outside, so its not a good idea! ;)