Monday, January 10, 2011

A few newbies

We are iced in today!  That means I will have plenty of time to get caught up with etsy stuff, and maybe even have a little extra time to catch up on my favorite blogs :)  Any of you all iced/snowed in this morning?  Here is what our backyard looks like: 

I have also added a few newbie's to the ol' shoperoo.  

Shabby  Chic EAT Platter

Rain Rain Go Away Large Tea Mug

I hope you all are having a GREAT Monday!  Ours has been fun and productive so far.  Seth didn't have to go into work until noon because of the ice so we enjoyed having our coffee together before Caleb woke up this morning.  Then we did P90X (that should be a blog post in itself!).  It's not an easy workout, but thankfully Seth is a great motivator...especially since I am totally NOT self motivated when it comes to working out!  Now I am catching up on e-mails and blogging and getting ready to make Caleb some lunch.  Do you guys have any big plans for today?  Stay safe it you have ice or snow!!!  


JG said...

So you guys are doing P90X now, eh? Power to ya. I think I may be going back to it, myself. The gym here is on the far side of post (from where we live) and so I don't think I want to make that trek 3 times a week just to use a treadmill! Do you do Plyometrics? I replaced that with Cardio X . :) Much more my speed.

And no, I feel like we're the only people in the COUNTRY not getting snow today! Everyone else (it seems) on facebook is posting snow/sleet pictures. But I'll enjoy my sunny skies. :)

One Creative Momma said...

Glad you enjoyed your snow day! We got almost 6 inches up here in Canton. Its beautiful and we had so much fun playing in the snow all day with our little guy! :)


erin said...

I love P90X. Well not really love it, but I love the results. I'm more of a runner girl. I did P90X after both of my kiddos (diet included) and that extra 5-10 lbs I just couldn't get off slid off easily. I still do ab ripper X with my run routine. And yes, its way easier to do with a hubby who motivates you. :-)