Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Catch Up of the Week- does that even make sense???

I love doing giveaways and I am so thankful for the wonderful etsians who graciously offer their products to us...we will pick up with the next giveaway on Monday though because I just need a little "me" post.  I have too much to say this week and I haven't been able to use my blog as an outlet since I have been doing "Summer in December Giveaways".

Here is a the catch-up on my week:
Monday: Caleb had pre-school, which he LOVES and so do I.  It was reallllly cold and my parents had bought him quite the hat when we were home for Thanksgiving.   It is a super warm hat, so we stuck in on Caleb's head (he also happens to love hats, so this worked out for everyone).

 He is so proud of this Elmer Fudd hat, let me just tell ya.  He walked in to pre-school (late, as usual) and all the kids were sitting at the table for craft time.  Usually when Caleb walks in the kids will say hi and there are two twin girls who run up to him and say, "Caweb! Caweb!"  But this morning, Caleb walked in with his hat on and all the kids just stared.  Some of them had their mouths open, jaw dropped.  As Caleb starts walking around the table, pointing at the hat on his head and jabbering, all of the kids eyes followed him wherever he went.  I can only help but laugh at what the kids were wondering when they saw Caleb and his hat.  I am sure they were trying to figure out what kind of animal was on his head.  It was quite the funny scene.

Tuesday: Oh Tuesday! I was awoken by the DirectTV guy banging on the door.  Granted, we had made the appointment a month ago to have our local channels FINALLY added to our TV.  Thankfully, Seth was at the house and took care of that.  A few minutes after the TV guy gets to our house, Seth tells me that our HP laptop won't turn on...what??? As of a month ago, we had a nice Toshiba that crashed the week before Thanksgiving and now the HP!  Neither will even turn on. Awesome.  Then I go to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher, only to open it and find a big puddle of dirty water sitting in the bottom of it.  This is where my not-so-handy (or so I thought) husband get down and dirty.  He's pulling hoses out of plugs and getting buckets for water to drain in.  The next thing I know, our dishwasher is working again!  I don't give that man enough credit.  All of this happened before 9:30am.  As soon as the TV guy left, we decided to leave the house before anything else broke!  

Wednesday:  I don't know what it is about Wednesdays, but I always get this creative kick in me.  Here are a couple of things I added to my shop.

Set of Four- Stache' Coasters

Then we headed to church.  I sang in "big church" and they I ran upstairs to youth group just in time to see a fabulous cookie eating ended up being pretttttty disgrosting.

Thursday: Pretty boring.  Ran some errands with my Caleb who had a very runnnnny nose.  Came home, worked on a zillion etsy orders.  Bummed around.  Took Caleb's temperature to find it was 101.7!  Poor little guy.

Friday: Was planning on going to Mellow Mushroom with the ladies...cancelled due to child sickness.  Was planning on going to Sunday School Christmas Party...I ended up eating shrimp cocktail by myself with a sick little fella.  But we did watch movies, eat ice cream and M&M's and everyone took a long, much needed nap!

Today is Saturday.  We shall see how this goes.  There's a birthday party we are supposed to go to but with the way that Caleb's cough sounds, I don't think that's happening.  One thing is fo sho tho...I have GOT to get out of this house for a few minutes today!!!  I've been here for almost 48 hours straight and I am losing some sanity.
Happy Weekend!!!!  Hopefully yours is not full of sick kiddos or broken anythings :)
See ya back here Monday for a fantabulous giveaway!!!

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Anonymous said...

My goodness what a busy week! Hope your little guy feels better! It has been going through our house too :(
I am in love with the giving tree mug. Not only do I collect coffee mugs but the giving tree is one of my favorite books.