Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two Nerds and a Pet Turtle

Let the painting of the pumpkins begin!!!

The colorful much easier than trying to carve a pumpkin with a 1 year old.

Hey Mom, did you get a picture of my awesome shell???

The cutest turtle in the world

Trick or Treating in the neighborhood

On the way to the church festival....Caleb, I mean pet turtle, was trying to fit in with his nerdy owners.

 Three church buds, all dressed up at the festival
Two nerds and their pet turtle.

We had way too much fun this Halloween and we may have even started a tradition or two.  Can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas now!!!


Goodnight moon said...

Your family is so cute....nerdy and all! Loved all the pictures!

mixed girl said...

Super cute!!

Rylie's Mama said...

Ya'll were SO cute with your pet turtle! Also, we too just painted carving this year (we spared our poor pumpkins! =) Cute post!

Catherine Anne said...

You guys are so cute:)

Mrs. Monkey said...

Adorable costumes. Very clever!