Friday, November 12, 2010

Crafty Friday: Fun Fabric Flashcards

This is a super simple craft for you and your kids and would make for a great school/homeschool craft too.  Caleb has surprised me lately with the things he is learning.  A couple months ago I picked up some rhyming flashcards and used them to teach Caleb about different animals and the sounds they make.  I didn't realize how much information he was absorbing until one night last week when we started asking him what all the animals say.  He can do the noise and motions for a monkey, the sound of a cow, kitty, lion and we are still working on the dog one....he likes to say that the dog says, "dawwwwwwwg".  It's pretty cute.  Since he picked up on the animal flashcards so well, I decided to go out on a limb and try color flashcards.  We are starting with four simple colors and seeing how it goes!  

Here is how I made my simple fabric flashcards.
You will need:
 an old box
 some colored felt
 glue (I chose spray glue because it's so easy and quick to use for this project)

Cut part of the box into as many rectangles as you need to make the amount of cards you would like


Cut the felt slightly larger than the cardboard rectangle
Spray the front of your rectangles with glue and carefully apply the felt fabric

Let the glue dry and then have some fun!

If you get bored, you can always make other uses for the cards as seen in exhibit A and B:



Katie said...

Please stop by to my blog, you have an award waiting :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That is such a great idea!